About us

For over 15 years, L.P Security Zone has been providing security solutions for Australian families and businesses. Thousands of Australians use security products on a daily bases, and L.P Security Zone is proud to install and provide ongoing support for existing and new customers.

Years of reputable workmanship and customer relations have been built upon the company’s foundation of consistency in using high quality Australian standard products and installation by professionally trained and fully licensed technicians.

L.P Security Zone provide services including installation ofdigital surveillance systems, intrusion detection, access control, alarm monitoring and commercial networking for both commercial and residential premises.

If you would like a free onsite quote for a new installation or have any technical inquiries, we are available to assist you any time of the day.

Below are some of the projects which we have undertaken over the last few years.

• CBD business towers, bank, Hotel, Super market - Networking and CCTV system
• Darling Harbour apartment blocks, Harris St - DVR surveillance system
• CBD apartment blocks, Macquarie St - Biometric access control system
• Hurstville apartment block, Hurstville – Aiphone intercom system
• Kirribilli apartment blocks, Kirribilli – PE Beam detection system
• Sydney Market City and Flemington – CCTV surveillance system
• TAB club Northmead – DVR surveillance system
• I G A Supermarkets across NSW