24/7 premises monitoring

No matter if it is your home or business, you can rest assure that security services run like clockwork. In collaboration with Australia’s first commercial certified (Grade A1 ASIAL) monitoring centre, we can provide you with Back-to-base monitoring by human experts, this means if any events occur which is registered by the security alarm system, a signal is sent back to the monitoring centre and you are contacted of the issue.

24/7 monitoring also has many other benefits:

· In an emergency event, police,ambulance or fire services will be contacted by the monitoring centre and all necessary client details will be provided for the fastest response times.

· Open/Close reporting: If the alarm system on your premises is triggered or disarmed outside business hours, you will be contacted immediately by the monitoring centre

· Servicing of the security alarm system: The monitoring centre will alert you or the installer if there are any technical issues associated with the alarm system.